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Pompeii: Life and Death Essay

It took only 19 hours, not even a full day. That was all the time it needed on August 24, 70 A. D. to bury Pompeii (Rosella Lorenzi). Mount Vesuvius, south of Pompeii and the cities of Herculaneum and Stabiae (Encarta) erupted, releasing tons of volcanic debris, pumice, ash, and sulfuric gas reaching several miles into the air (Eyewitness to History). The ensuing â€Å"firestorm† of lethal gases and red hot volcanic debris overwhelmed the neighboring communities that suffocated the residents of the cities beside Pompeii, namely Herculaneum and Stabiae (Eyewitness). Tons of debris falling from the skies began to fill the streets (Eyewitness). The eruption of Vesuvius effectively annihilated the town (Mummy Tombs). The volcanic ash and debris rained on the town for 18 or so hours, reaching heights of 8 to 10 feet (Mummy Tombs). After the explosion and the rain of debris, the event was followed by nuee ardente, extremely hot gas that engulfed Pompeii in six deadly waves (Mummy Tombs). What happened to Pompeii and the neighboring towns? History of Pompeii Pompeii was situated in the mouth of the present-day Sarno River (Encarta). Oscans in 600 BC , who were later conqured by the Samnites (Encarta). Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the Roman dictator, made Pompeii into a Roman colony in the year 80 BC (Encarta). Pompeii later developed into a resort town for the enjoyment of wealthy Romans (Encarta). Romans belonging to the upper echelons of the Roman government enjoyed the pleasures of the resort town nestled in their villas surrounding the Bay of Naples (Smatch). At the beginning of the Christian period in history, Pompeii reached a population of about 20,000 people (Encarta). Aside from the wealthy and middle class Romans who enjoyed the worldly pleasures of the city, there was a larger than usual number of slaves and freemen (Smatch). They were the ones who took care of the needs of the vacationing Romans and other travellers, tourists and others who would indulge in the pleasures that the city had to offer (Smatch). Aside from the pleasures that the city rolled out for the travellers and tourists, the city was also an important trade destination and route (Encarta). The region’s natural resources had allowed Campania to develop its trade and raise their living standards (Minnesota State University Mankato). The shoreline surrounding the Gulf of Naples soon became the address of the country residences of members of the aristocracy of the Roman Empire (Minnesota). As the city became more wealthy, they developed their luxury service sector, enhanced their trade with other states, and enhanced their agriculture (Minnesota). It would look as if Pompeii was firmly established in the life of the Roman Empire (Minnesota). Or was it just the window to disaster? Signs of the impending disaster The citizens of Pompeii had no idea that Vesuvius carried with it the death of the town (Professor Andrew Wadrice-Hadrill). The Romans had an extreme interest in the prediction of the future (Wadrice-Hadrill). They prided themselves in being able to tell the times that the gods were going to unleash their wrath on them, and used the signs, such as strange occurences and births, to determine these things (Wadrice- Hadrill). But even with these as references, Vesuvius still gave out no warning signs (Wadrice- Hadrill). Even though Mount Vesuvius had once been active, the volcano remained dormant for the most part of human memory for the residents of Pompeii and the outlying communities (Minnesota). Since there was no recorded incident that the volcano was destructive, the residents didn’t realize the danger that was about to befall the town (Minnesota). The city was rocked by an earthquake on the 5th of February , AD 62 (Minnesota). The quake began as the residents heard what they describes as a prolonged, subdued roar that shook the area; nobody could tell the origin or even identify what it was (Minnesota). Soon after, the buildings began to shake and collapse, and the people ran into the streets (Minnesota). The people ran from the towns thinking that they will be safe from the falling debris (Minnesota). But they fell into the deep cracks that the eruption opened up in the earth (Minnesota). Adding to the chaos was the flooding caused by the bursting of the town’s reservior (Minnesota). Though the quake proved fatal, it did not last long; it was followed by another quake after an hour (Minnesota). The tremors occurred throughout the rest of the day, until the evening hours (Minnesota). Earthquakes by themselves were taken to be omens of things to come (Wadrice- Hadrill). Roman historian Cassius Dio wrote that he observed the presence of giants running on the land on numerous occasions (Wadrice-Hadrill). This observation of Dio carried an ominous sign for the town, because according to the Romans, the volacanoes in the southern part of the Italian peninsula was the burial place of some rebellious giants that were defeated by the gods (Wadrice Hadrill). It was the giant’s movements that bought about these eruptions (Wadrice Hadrill). The destruction of Pompeii After the destruction of Pompeii caused by the earthquake in AD 62, the people spent seventeen years repairing the damage wrought upon their town (Minnesota). It was their intent to make their town even more beautiful than it was before the tremor (Minnesota). As the citizens of the region rebuilt their towns, trade began once again to flourish and they became wealthy again (Minnesota). As the life of those living in Pompeii and the outlying communities unfolded, they did not have any sense of the impending catastrophe waiting to explode on their city. The wrath of the gods The beginning of the end for Pompeii began on the 24th of August of 79AD (Minnesota). There were small upheavals of the ground, but since the tremors were so small and insignificant, hardly anyone gave them a second notice (Minnesota). Springs and other sources of drinking water for the people dried up, an ominous sign that indicated the anger of the gods (Minnesota). Other signs of the impending destruction soon followed the omens. On the 20th of August, cracks had began to appear on the surface of the land, accompanied by rumblings (Minnesota). The calm sea of the Gulf gave way to high waves. Livestock-horses, cattle and even birds- all of them became uneasy and restless, as if they could sense the disaster about to befall the town (Minnesota). In the morning hours of August 24, 79 AD, Vesuvius detonated with such violent force (Minnesota). Mud, smoke and poisonous fumes rumbled down the mountain, sending a deluge of ash and red hot rocks on the countryside (Minnesota). Farms situated on the slopes of the erupting giant were obliterated, as well as some plantations and homes of wealthy Romans (Minnesota). Acrid fumes that came with the volcanic debris further contributed to the chaos that reigned during the eruption (Minnesota). These fumes made the residents of Pompeii to suffer from delusions, then asphyxiated them causing to be suffocated and die (Minnesota). Others chose just to lock themselves in their rooms, while others tried to flee the anarchy with their beasts of burden (Minnesota). Some that chose to stay, thinking that the structures in the towns such as buildings and the like would support the rain of ash and debris, but would eventually be killed by the same structures they had sought refuge (Minnesota). Others would be overcome by the stench from the gases, while others would die getting buried in the falling ash (Minnesota). And the volume of the ash that fell on the town of Pompeii was truly enormous (Smatch). Pompeii, situated about eight kilometers south from the volcano, was entombed in about 3 meters deep of ashfall (Smatch). But thicker pyroclastic deposits would destroy the towns of Herculaneum and Stabiae, buried under 20 meters of volcanic ash and debris (Smatch). Pieces of volcanic debris called tephra flew to around 70 miles of the site, and other debris were found hundreds of miles farther out (Smatch). Even some in Rome claimed to have seen the column of smoke from the eruption, and even heard the rumblings from the volcano (Smatch). Modern day scientists have estimated the volume of the pyroclastic debris that was ejected from Vesuvius to be four cubic kilomters (Smatch). Among the dead in the destruction of Pompeii was Pliny the Elder, author of the book Natural History (Smatch). Pliny the Elder had been given the command of the resort town as a gift (Smatch). He died trying to rescue the people caught in the eruption of the volcano, as the account of his nephew, Pliny the Younger, would bear out (Smatch). Lines of communication to the stricken town had been cut, but there was evidence of some rescue attempts made (Smatch). Imprints of Roman sandals were engraved on the top ashfall layers testifies that there were rescue attempts, theoritically attributed to the Roman garrisons that had survived the eruption (Smatch). The fleet of the Roman Empire stationed at Misenum had been dispatched to Pompeii by Pliny the Elder to assist in the evacuation efforts at Pompeii and the surrounding areas (Awesome Stories). The elder Pliny, who commanded the fleet, sent the ships for the rescue effort while he personally directed efforts at Stabiae (Awesome Stories). This is where he met his death on August 24, falling to a heart attack (Awesome Stories). All in all, the death toll of the eruption of Vesuvius, was a staggering 16,000 people, including 2,000 in Pompeii (Awesome Stories). Uncovering the past Pompeii had lain silent under the debris for at least 1500 years (Encarta). In 1748, efforts were undertaken to discover the anicient community, entombed under 3 meters of ash, frozen in limbo in the acount of Pliny the Younger (Lorenzi). German archaelogist Johann Joachim Winkelmann imparted the importance of the discoveries to the world (Encarta). What was remarkable about the discoveries of the remains of Pompeii was the degree of preservation of artifacts in the ruins (Encarta). The ash fall that engulfed the town basically produced an envelope around the town, sealing the town from the decay of the elements, shielding the artifacts, structures, buildings, temples, shops, baths and houses (Encarta). Some of the discoveries in the town included the remains of the 2000 people believed to be left in the rescue efforts, including Roman gladiators that were left tied to stop them form escaping or killing themselves (Encarta). The ashes, that were mixed with rainfall, had remained on the bodies of the people, forming molds around the remains after the bodies had turned to dust (Encarta). These hollow spaces were filled out and were molded around the bodies of those killed in the eruption (Encarta). These molds were preserved and put on display at the Porta Marina Museum (Encarta). These were formed by the air space left over when the human remains of the victims turned to ash, and the excavators poured in liquid plaster into the air spaces, since the air spaces left an imprint of the body that was encapsulated in the ash (Mummy Tombs). These â€Å"plaster mummies† gave an image of the debacle that befell Pompeii and the surrounding areas (Mummy Tombs). Aside from the remains that framed the tragedy of the people in Pompeii, the ruins gave a striking and vivid insight into the daily life of the Romans in the day (Eyewitness). As many of the residents of Pompeii had escaped the tragedy, they carried with them anything that was readily movable (Encarta). After the eruption, these residents came back and dug tunnels through the ash around the houses and the structures in the town, removing even slabs of marble on the pillars and walls (Encarta). Save for these things, what was left of the town, some of the wall paintings and the frescos left in the city have been taken from the site and housed in the National Museum located in Naples (Encarta). If pieced together, the structures, buildings and what was left of the movable items gave students of history a thorough and complete picture of the daily life in an Italian city in the provinces of the Roman Empire during the 1st century AD (Encarta). The structures that remained standing gave historians valuable information on the study of the architectural designs of the Romans (Encarta). These buildings and other standing structures gave a framework of the transition of a Greek style of building to the methods that the Romans used in building their edifices (Encarta). Many people assumed, as discused earlier in the paper, that the people in Pompeii had been killed by suffocation (Lorenzi). But research focusing on the fractures and the position of the bodies of the victims suggest another horrific way of death for them (Lorenzi). Research on the bodies in Pompeii suggest that they may have been killed almost instantly from the â€Å"thermal surges† that roared down the beach area with such velocity that it covered the distance of seven miles all the way to the coast in just about four minutes (Lorenzi). This occurred in the second and possibly third phases of the eruption (Smatch). The first part of the eruption included the primary ejection of the volcano of several meters of what is called â€Å"inflated pumice† on the town (Smatch). Inflated pumice are glass-like fragments expanded by the gases and volcanic steam (Smatch). The second and third waves of the eruption happened either when the vent of the volcano widened or the volatility level of the material had diminshed (Smatch). At this time, the plume of the cloud, 33 kilometers high, imploded and the material it carried rushed down the slopes with newly acquired hot gases and pyroclastic materials (Smatch). Searing surges, some as hot as 500 degrees centigrade, swooped over the towns (Smatch). These surges literally flattened everything surrounding the volcano and its neighboring areas, killing off evertything that ran against its path- humans, livestock and plant life (Smatch). The town of Herculaneum, though to be buried under the layers by lehars or mudflows coming from the volcano after an eruption, was in reality entombed by these pyroclastic flows (Smatch). The primary head of the flow covered the distance from the summit to the town in just under four minutes, a distance of 6 kilometers (Smatch). The third phase of the eruption began the encapsulation of the entire area with a light and finer area of a thick layer of volcanic ash, known as tuff (Smatch). Excavation of the site The fate of Pompeii had lingered around for many centuries, but no serious undertaking had been done to excavate the ruins (Dr. Salvatore Ciro Nappo). But the exploration and discovery of Pompeii began in earnest in an area called â€Å"Civita† in the year 1748 (Ciro Nappo). In the first stage of the of the work, the main goal was the discovery of items of art for the private art trove of Charles III, who reigned from 1759 to 1788 (Ciro Nappo). These artifacts were removed from the site and hauled off to Naples, where they are presently housed in the National Museum (Ciro Nappo). Other paintings and art works from the site were either lost or stripped from their placings on the walls and then framed (Ciro Nappo). Still other items were lost due to irreparability or to damage (Ciro Nappo). After the ransacking of the site, structures such as the Villa de Cicerone and the Villa di Giulia Felice were the next targets, but some scholars, such as the German Winckelmann, strongly countered the move, as they had done against the previous decimation (Ciro Nappo). Because of the pressure they bought to bear against the initiative, the policy was put to a halt in some ways, although the wall paintings were still being stripped (Ciro Nappo). By the turn of the century, twin areas had been unearthed: the Quartiere dei Teatri and the Via delle Tombbe and the Villa di Diomede (Ciro Nappo). Karl Weber and Francisco La Vega were the archaelogists with the most involvement in this part of the excavatioon (Ciro Nappo). They wrote extensive diary notes on the progress of their work and the designs of the structures that they uncovered (Ciro Nappo). Then the territory came under the control of the French (Ciro Nappo). It was during this period in the chronology of the excavation that the methodogy used in the excavation took a new turn (Ciro Nappo). During this time, the excavation became more standardized, and itineraries were made for visits of scholars and other important people to the work site (Ciro Nappo). The French had wanted to make a systematic way for unearthing the site, progressing from the east to the wset of the dig site (Ciro Nappo). At one point of their work on the site, they had in their employ as many as 1500 laborers, resulting in a large scale excavation of the buried town, as the Foro, the Casa di Pansa, Casa di Sallustio and the Casa del Chrirurgo were all unearthed (Ciro Nappo). In 1863, Giuseppe Fiorelli took charge of the Pompeii excavations from 1863 to 1875 (Ciro Nappo). Fiorelli imposed a new method for the direction of the excavation work. Instead of the current method of unearthing the streets as the first step in the work, Fiorelli directed that the work begin from the top going down to the streets of the town (Ciro Nappo). What he wanted to do was enforce a new system of preserving the artifacts that were discovered as the group worked its way down to the streets of the town (Ciro Nappo). With the information accumulated in the excavation, the data could be utilized in the restoration and rebuilding of the structures as well as their interiors (Ciro Nappo). Fiorelli also devised the plans to make use of the plaster molds to restore the forms of the plant life and the human remains that had been enveloped in the downfall of the volcanic ash (Ciro Nappo). These plaster mummies, as earlier discussed, were formed as the bodies of the victims underwent declension, or turned into dust after centuries of being trapped in the ash (Mummy Tombs). The â€Å" holes†, as they were termed, were filled by plaster, allowing the molds to render the forms of the bodies entombed in the ash (Mummy Tombs). The plaster casts of the bodies were discovered in several areas of the excavation site, among them the Garden of the Fugitives, the Stabian Thermal Baths, the Horrea and the Forum, and the Macellum (Mummy Tombs). At present, at least 44 of the town’s 66 hectares have been uncovered, and the remaining 22 hectares of the town has been determined off limits to excavation (Ciro Nappo). This was decided upon as to preserve this area for the future generations to discover (Ciro Nappo). To date, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius is still ranked as among the most lethal volcanic incidents in history (Awesome Stories). Vesuvius is a graphic reminder of how virulent and dangerous volcanoes can be (Christopher Joyce).

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An Analysis of The Clod and the Pebble

Speaker/Tone: â€Å"The Clod and the Pebble† by Sir Francis Blake In the poem â€Å"The Clod and the Pebble† Sire Francis Blake compares selfish and unselfish love through interesting and thought provoking interpretations. These viewpoints are obvious through Blake’s indication of their states of innocence and experience. His first entity, which is a clod, says, â€Å"love seeketh not itself to please†(Blake 3). The second interpretation, which is given in the form of a pebble, reasons, â€Å" Love seeketh only Self to please†(Blake 11). The clod is depicted as a selfless, passionate emotion whereas the pebble is a vain, arrogant and selfish sentiment.We can assume that the author has a lot of experiences when it comes to love, possibly writing this poem in a period of romanticism, but cannot assume he is the speaker. The different perspectives of love in the poem lead the reader to believe that there are two speakers. The Clod may perhaps be of a f eminine viewpoint, which is understandable after reading â€Å"Nor for itself have any care† and â€Å"Trodden with cattle’s feet†, where love is unselfish and sacrificial (Blake 2). The pebble gives off a sense of authority gained from experiences while it mocks the innocence of the clod.The abrupt use of â€Å"But† provides a change to the sweet and harmonious tones of the first stanza, while the phrase â€Å"a pebble of the brook† represents it is a hard and unmovable object, learned from its experiences. Specific words such as â€Å"care† used by the clod and â€Å"bind† used by the pebble are what make the feminine/masculine tones understandable. The beautiful and artful personifications of the content clod and pompous pebble create a clear understanding in contrasting the representation of the selfishness and selflessness of human nature in love.

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Creativity Is The Process Of Being Creative Education Essay

Your Creativity accomplishments expandedEveryone has a demand to be able to accommodate creatively and therefore maintain up with the of all time changing universe. Although it has been said that ground could be used, now there is an apprehension that this can hinder people from fast and ignorant alterations in a state of affairs, and to profit in job work outing people need to see things in new ways, expand bing ideas and develop accomplishments which enable them to go a benefit to any undertaking group or administration. More late administrations have had to do drastic originative alterations in working ways, unlike the smooth, formulated easy alterations of the yesteryear. The logic and the ground are limited when puting up for difficult to think discontinuous alteration, so there is a demand to travel beyond them. It is all about how to travel off from limited thought, traditional mentalities, premises, and that deep rooted manner of nearing jobs. It is suggested that intellectual hemispheres are responsible for different ways of activities: the left one is responsible for logics, scientific and practical ways while he right one is used for more originative activities. Whether you are used to treating one manner over the other it would be of great benefit to go familiar with both, as there has been grounds demoing the more a certain portion of the encephalon is used the more it will develop physiologically. Constraints ‘ being removed before nearing jobs is critical in order to happen the best solution, and people need to alter the end to avoid remaining in a position quo. Predicting alterations in the environment, continually redeveloping it is of import, utilizing creativeness is indispensable in conveying about a different hereafter. The ICT invasion is a all right illustration where some administrations were non originative plenty to travel fast and benefit. When making possible solutions the more options the more likelihood that a solution will come to light, particularly when there has been opposition in the yesteryear. Idea coevals from consecutive divergent and convergent phases is an ideal tool for this. In short the usage of both types of thought is valid, in respects to the left and right cerebral hemispheres mentioned earlier. Creative execution has scope when there are a broad scope of options, and in order to convey creativeness about restrictions need to be forgotten and originative thought must take over, this is the lone manner to convey approximately great alteration.Creative thought is a procedure which improves the ability to be originative and being in a all right province of head for bring forthing new thoughts. It means besides believing deliberately in ways that improve the likeliness of original ideas happening, it maximises the ability of the encephalon to believe of new diverse and complex thoughts ; a series of mental actions which produce alterations and developments of idea ; the procedure of researching multiple avenues of actions or ideas, ( sometimes calledA divergent thinkingA because idea forms and countries of belief are expanded. ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # originative thought ) .Creative Tools for Problem Solving A squad ‘s work requires creativeness and one of the best known originative tools is brainstorming. Brainstorming is an advanced tool ; it helps team creatively and competently bring forth a high degree of thoughts on any subject by promoting free thought ( Basu 2008 ) . There are several fluctuations of the procedure itself ; two of them are more common- structured and unstructured methods. In the first method each member is asked to come up with an thought, whilst in the 2nd one thought is produced at any clip by anyone. Brainstorming is frequently used when logical tools can non work out a job. Another tool for effectual job resolution is Mind Map. Mind Map is non-linear, spacial, graphical technique. There is a cardinal image which is the chief topic and thoughts are spread out of it like subdivisions. Besides subjects of secondary importance are distributing out like subdivisions from chief subjects ( Malone 2004 ) . Rich picture- at first sight these images are deceptively fiddling. However, this conceals the complicated manner of garnering information, thoughts, experiences and all other beginnings which helps to make ( Kazi 2005 ) . The rich image is a communicating channel which articulates the state of affairs through aggravation. Ocular thinking- it is a portion of believing procedure, which is extremely valuable and used widely. When ocular information is presented, rather frequently it is much easier to obtain the significance ( Paterson 1993 ) . Collaboration- it is a vivacious and interpersonal procedure which involves committedness, ends, shared values. It requires that squad members act together, portion the power and are unfastened to possibilities of personal and/or professional dealing ( Hamric et al2005 ) . Journaling- it is a inveterate dated events and thoughts. Journal besides includes contemplations and responses of author ( authors ) of those thoughts ( Stevens and Cooper 2009 ) . Journaling ‘s chief characteristics: it is written, entries are dated, it is written in informal linguistic communication and it is flexible- type of entries, intents for maintaining it etc ; flexibleness is the cardinal property of diary. Persistence- it is a uninterrupted force per unit area, careless troubles. It is really of import to maintain with a work despite the complexness of it.Brooding study on CPSOn the 1st twelvemonth in university pupils had to present a group presentation for PPD[ 1 ]category. Students had to fix concern presentation alas promotional run, to inform and carry the young person from borough of Greenwich to take a portion as voluntaries in London 2012. The command was ?1m contract, so pupils had to come up with a really good run program. This was a great squad exercising ; although, tonss of difficult work had to be input. This is a brooding study on originative job work outing while fixing this presentation. It is identified that larning through the contemplation is more powerful if there is an apprehension of models which helps to construction and steer the act of contemplation. There are many different theoretical accounts to utilize as a model for reflection- Kolb ‘s learning rhythm ( Appendix 1 ) , Gibb ‘s rhythm ( Appendix 2 ) etc ; there is no incorrect or right theoretical account, the key is to take one which feels the most comfy and best aids in larning from ain experiences. For this work pupil decided to utilize Jasper ‘s ( Jasper 2003 ) theoretical account ( Appendix 3 ) which is further clarifying of Gibb ‘s rhythm into simple phases.Phase one:Description of the event Students were fixing presentation over 2 month. On hebdomad get downing on 10th January 2011, pupils had a briefing on the Olympic Jobs Team Exercise every bit good as category argument. Briefing ‘s intent was to fix pupils for squad presentation and to guarantee pupils understand the demands and purposes of the squads exercise. At this point groups were established and pupils could travel over the briefing sheet for Olympic Jobs squad exercising. First, groups had to come up with a name for their squad and allocate squad members to different positions- Finance, Human Resources, Selling and Operational directors. Although, it seems really simple, it was non. Everyone had different thoughts and members spent most of the clip debating and brainstorming. The group decided to utilize creativeness tools such as: Get downing with known values- journaling ( Appendix 4 ) Geting other points of view- ocular thought Non-linear thinking- brainstorming ( Appendix 5 ) , ( Scholtes et al 2003 ) . As a consequence group came up with a name TFH which stands for Take your Future in your Handss and functions were allocated. Because there were merely three members in this group, Operational director ‘s function were decided to divide between all three of them. Group decided to hold five meetings ( Appendix 6 ) and scheduled them on Tuesdays as it was most convenient for everyone.Phase two:Feelingss The job ( exercising ) was given but pupil struggled to specify it as without specifying, job can non be solved. Student was experiencing unconfident because remainder of the group seemed to pick up on exercising. With a aid from other group members student managed clearly to place job and could get down bring forth possible solutions. After specifying job pupil felt rather confident and actively joined group meetings and came up with some really good thoughts. Since pupil is good organised, she was the 1 who kept diaries and it made her proud. In wide footings, people who feel confident about what they are making, can give a higher public presentation.Phase three:Evaluation Using earlier agreed creativeness tools pupils learned to develop their imaginativeness and CPS[ 2 ]accomplishments. These accomplishments are movable accomplishments, which can be used besides in personal and work life. Brainstorming helped members of group to work as a squad and really bask the clip spent together. Besides, utilizing ocular thought tool, pupils realised that they really enjoy pulling, utilizing color codifications etc.Phase four:Analysis In general, preparing of the presentation went really good. Comparing with old presentation[ 3 ], which was more about squad functions and less about creativeness, this one was more restful, group members realised their potencies thanks to CPS. Students did non realised how their assurance had grown and that they really enjoy showing their thoughts about solutions to the challenges ( Frigard 2008 ) .Phase five:Decision Overall, fixing and presenting presentation could be described as a difficult work and much of merriment. Teamwork is ne'er easy because of different people coming together and seeking to happen optimum solution to the job. In this instance CPS encouraged squad members think otherwise, â€Å" out of the box † . Rewarded grade is the best contemplation on presentation and it was high- 85 % ( Appendix 7 ) ; of class, there were some minor errors during the procedure and existent presentation, but pupils learned a batch.Phase six:Action program Looking back at the procedure of creative activity, it went good and likely pupil would utilize the same CPS tools once more if the similar undertaking came up once more. After this undertaking, pupil completed Self-evaluation of Creativity trial and scored rather high- 92points ( Appendix 8 ) .Contemplation on PPD presentationThis is a contemplation on PPD presentation ( Appendix 9 ) , based on Jasper ‘s ( Jasper 2003 ) theoretical account of the Gibbs rhythm. Students received an assignment to present power point presentation about promotional run for Olympics 2012 volunteering occupations for young person. Groups were self selected and this group consisted of three people: Ieva, Tom and Denis. The group had to research information on volunteering undertakings and occupations offered, and measure the best possible ways to choose the right campaigners for the occupations. They besides had to fix a selling run and measure the resources to procure a positive action program. Ieva was working on the HR side of the undertaking, she had to research occupation chances, fix the enlisting program and preparation and development plans. Tom was making Marketing side of the undertaking fixing promotional run. Denis was responsible for fiscal side of work, he prepared the fiscal program. The whole group invested every bit in operational side of run. The pupils used PowerPoint to present the presentation. Ieva opened the presentation with a brief debut about the company and so moved on to the enlisting program. It was a great challenge for her as she has ne'er felt confident speaking in forepart of group of people. Tom delivered really convincing promotional run ; he covered all the necessary stairss for a professional and sophisticated selling program. Denis delivered a really good prepared fiscal program for the undertaking, which was an of import portion of the successful run when command for the ?1m undertaking. Ieva felt rather confident about this undertaking, the group had spent a batch of clip on it and everyone was working hard. However, this was 2nd group presentation in this twelvemonth, so they knew, they would be marked stricter, the coach will anticipate pupils to larn from the old errors. Overall this was a really good squad exercising, which tested in deepness the strength and failings of each squad member and gave them new get downing points and infinite for betterments. Based on the coach ‘s feedback, the presentation went instead good. Students emphasised their professional attack by have oning smart frock ; showing mode and the use of PowerPoint was really good. As per coach ‘s feedback, there was merely little unfavorable judgment on deficiency of press releases, which would hold been utile. All in all pupils were really satisfied as they achieved a grade of 85 % . The work and clip invested in this undertaking had been paid back. Looking back to the readying procedure and the work load that was used, the group all believe that – following clip they will near the undertaking with the same bravery as this one and they would take into history all the errors that they made and unfavorable judgment received from coach and other pupils.Understanding â€Å" millennials † and Generation YGeneration Y is a label for people who were born between early 80s and early 90s, following coevals X.A Quite frequently members of Generation Y are referred to as â€Å" echo boomers † , for being kids of parents born during so called babe roar, or Following Generation, Millenials Internet Generation etc. One of the chief features of Generation Y members is the deep cognition of modern communications and digital engineerings, so in response to it employers have to update their hiring scheme to incorporate modern-day signifiers and usage of these engineerings. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessdictionary .com/definition/Generation-Y.html. After reading the Generation Y article ( W. Stanton Smith, 28 October 2009 ) ( Appendix 10 ) , pupil summarised four chief statements: Non- traditional household unit makes up the bulk of families Flexibility and alteration of career is a demand Workers are reconsidering the function of the work in their lives Three things which left the immense impact on the Generation Y life doctrine are engineerings, attack towards concern, consumer ‘s attitude. There is grounds demoing that alternatively of 60 % in the 50s, nowadays merely 17 % of families run into the definition of traditional, but it should be kept in head that in today ‘s footings it is an arguably narrow definition. That means that there is a demand for more flexibleness in nowadays work-life issues than it was earlier. There is a stereotype about adult females and their function within a household. For 100s of old ages their function was homemaker and female parent ( Cheal 2008 ) , adult females premier duties have been looking after house, kids and taking attention of hubby ‘s well-being. Another stereotype is that the biggest part of families ‘ income is brought in by work forces ( Rapoport et al 1978 ) . Even today adult females are expected to go on to hold a chief responsibility for child care and eldercare, but because of increasing Numberss of female alumnuss, there is a demand for customisation of career and general flexibleness in work. Along, with all the alterations within the household, the traditional corporate theoretical account is altering every bit good. Not merely are female parents concentrating on their work they are besides concentrating on their households, male parents are keener to pass more clip with their kids ; they want to take a portion in their upbringing. As a effect, the traditional corporate ladder is giving topographic point to a corporate lattice theoretical account where the sum and celerity of work can be diverged depending on the life style. Generation Y is a coevals of engineerings, therefore it is taking computing machines, electronic mails, nomadic phones and suchlike for granted ( Savage and Collins-Mayo 2006 ) , which wholly changes how members of this coevals view the universe every bit good as brings an changes within the labour market. Research on Generation Y assumes that consumers of this coevals are all likewise, but this coevals includes 15-32 twelvemonth olds, so their behavior as consumers will be different ( Benckendorff et al 2010 ) . However, this coevals has been raised to be consumers who question value and demand high quality and therefore, it is apprehensible that they carry these outlooks with them everyplace, including callings. Paul Redmond[ 4 ]has said that this combination of influences ( engineering, attitudes towards the concern and a consumer mentality ) , had created really confident and commercial coevals, members of which are success driven, fed up with everyday and are ready to go forth work if employer does n't react their values and concerns ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Overall there is valuable information for recruiters whose connotation is to pull the top new alumnuss and non entirely. In general pupil agrees with the article as it is really realistically written and most of the facts are backed up with grounds.Brooding study on PDCAs a portion of PPD class, pupil had to take a challenge anterior pupil ‘s personal and professional development advancement. Conferences present legion possibilities for pupils. They find out about new developments in the field, can web with co-workers, and do indispensable contacts etc ( Curtis 2002 ) , so pupil decided to go to the conference when the chance came frontward.Phase one:Description of the event It was three yearss event, taking topographic point on March 21st-24th in Great Connought Rooms ( Appendix 11 ) locale, in London. Events name was International SAP Conference for Financial Services 2011. Because pupil plants within conference industry, on the first twenty-four hours of conference she had to execute work responsibilities, stake on 2nd twenty-four hours ( Appendix 12 ) she was given an chance to take part in the conference. Besides the professional involvement in conference[ 5 ], pupil was peculiarly interested in some of the cardinal talkers and their presentations as it was relevant to her concern surveies. Because of the planetary recognition crunch, a rather few presentation were contributed towards after-crunch period and redresss for European states to utilize. Another peculiar involvement in go toing this conference for pupil was presentations. As this is the pupils weakest nexus, it was really good experience to watch professionals to give presentations and me asure those. During the breaks pupil had an chance to run into concern people from around the universe, talk with them and hear their positions on current and future state of affairs in concerns.Phase two:Feelingss Because of the magnitude of the event and large concern figures go toing, pupil was afraid that result from go toing event will non be really good. However, after first two presentations pupil realised that subjects of presentations were really interesting, presentations themselves were great and she gained assurance, because she knew that she will be able to fall in conversations about it. Because pupil did non hold a clip to fix for the conference, she missed out the workshops which she did non experience good about. However, fall ining conversations during interruptions, she felt confident and even involved herself in one of the arguments. Looking back at the event, it was a great new experience which will assist her with her personal and professional development.Phase three:Evaluation By and large talking, event was successful for its intent. For pupil ‘s acquisition purposes the most relevant portion was forenoon session ( Appendix 13 ) . Even these presentations were more aslant towards the new SAP engineerings inventions in banking systems, there was batch about economic growing and falls and how to cover with it. Particularly Prof. Dr Hans-Gert Penzel ‘s presentation was in involvement because of movable cognition about fiscal crisis and economic sciences growing slope[ 6 ]. In the center of this presentation it was disturbed by fire dismay and everybody had to go forth the edifice. There was non echt fire but it still took clip for fire brigade to come and look into. Nevertheless the presentation was disturbed, Mr Penzel used it as an illustration, he adapted state of affairs to the concern scene and turned the perturbation into utile tool.Phase four:Analysis Event was split into four chief parts: two forenoon Sessionss, from which foremost was devoted to general information about SAP engineerings and how it may assist to better concerns and fiscal crisis ; 2nd forenoon session was about SAP systems transmutation and invention in banking, current Sap clients were sharing their experience about utilizing SAP engineerings. After 2nd forenoon session was tiffin, pupil had an chance to speak to attendants while basking lovely nutrient. There was besides clip for researching exhibition, which was largely devoted to banking engineerings, but it was a good for networking and looking for new chances. After tiffin other SAP clients continued to speak about advantages of SAP systems. Afternoon interruption was followed by really interesting presentation given by Mr Andy Hirst, Senior Director Industry Marketing for SAP. It was about concern analytics, new developments and the best pattern attacks. Then two more presentations from SAP clients and sh uting remarks from the Chairman of the SAP.Phase five:Decision Overall the result of the event was successful, pupil learnt a batch. The biggest part from this event towards pupil ‘s acquisition development was tonss of different presentations. One of the grounds why pupil does non experience confident making presentations, is that English is non her first linguistic communication and she is afraid to do errors, although she is ever lending a batch during the originative procedure. Because a half of the talkers at the conference were non-native English talkers, it was valuable experience to see them on the phase. Although, they are professionals and likely giving presentations on at least hebdomadal footing, some of them still made minor errors, but that did non halt them to transport on. It was valuable lesson for pupil, carry on, despite the errors, be able to rectify herself and after travel on with presentation.Phase six:Action program As this was the last minute call, pupil did non hold a clip to fix herself for the conference, so if the similar event encountered once more, she would seek to make some research before go toing it, which would give her more assurance and would give an chance successfully take part in workshops, which she missed out this clip due to the deficiency of cognition and as a consequence- assurance.Contemplation on Class DebateArgument is practically an statement, a constructive treatment which allows everyone to fall in in with their positions and sentiments. Debate is an of import portion of larning procedure, it helps to understand argumentative schemes and expect the responses from opposite squads ( Lyon 2008 ) .Phase one:Description of the event Students had to set on docket to hold a category argument. Topic was about the world Television consequence on society. It seemed that everyone had their sentiment, and this is when it all went incorrect. The best word to depict it is chaos. Students were non debating ; they were quibbling about their sentiments on the format of the argument. Rules of the argument were non followed and as a consequence argument turned into coarse statement with some pupils being peculiarly chesty and violative.Phase two:Feelingss Student felt confused at first, she did non anticipate grown up people to be so superior and cocksure which was on the border with unfastened discourtesy.Phase three:Evaluation This was group ‘s first argument, but pupils were informed about regulations of argument etc. However, it turned into het difference, pupils were cutting off each other and in general it was a one large catastrophe.Phase four:Analysis It all went so incorrect that there is no manner to interrupt this event into constituent parts and analyse. Students did non follow regulations and phases of argument, they were ill prepared. There was no logical way and argument turned out to be wholly useless.Phase five:Decision It is truly difficult to happen a good thing to state about this argument, as it went so incorrect. However, people learn from their experience, and bad experience in larning procedure is every bit utile or sometimes even more utile as a good one.Phase six:Action program If there will be other arguments in the category, pupil will fix herself better beforehand and will suggest to hold short meeting before the argument, so pupils could hold on regulations and seek to command their self-importances. Appendix

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Compare the powers of the legislative branch to the powers of the Essay

Compare the powers of the legislative branch to the powers of the executive banch. which has more power today and why - Essay Example Currently, the executive wilds more power to those of legislative based on varied sensitive tasks, which its members normally perform without over consulting. The executive, having the office of the president as the highest embraces a key role US’ constitution and the entire state as a whole. Recently, it has seen an increase in its power attributed to the rise of financial economy which has weakened expansive parts of the liberal state. This has directly or indirectly given the executive additional powers in comparison to the legislative. This can be seen when the Federal Reserve extended about $1.2 trillion allocation to major banks. This was done by the executive exclusively without being passed through the legislative process (Gill & Cutler, 2014). The executive has continued to gunner more power due to support by supranational organisations such as the IMF and WTO (Gill & Cutler, 2014). In the recent years, these organisations have been dealing directly with the executive branch. In the earlier years, these organisations were key players in making and implementation of rules and laws. However, over the years, their influence and power grew influencing the growth of the executive powers. The organisations no longer deal with legislative bodies. This is a major boost to the executive powers (Gill & Cutler, 2014). The executive and its relation to global corporate economy has contributed directly and indirectly to the addition of executive powers. The global corporate economy plays hand in hand with global matters such as terrorism. After the 9/11 event, the legislative branch gave power to the executive after passing of the patriot act (Gill & Cutler, 2014). This act gave federal branches under the executive more power in order to curb any future threats. These federal branches have the power to enact and perform various actions without the approval of the legislative branch of the constitution (Gill & Cutler, 2014). In

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Online vs. Traditional College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Online vs. Traditional College - Essay Example According to Dean (2005, p28), online classes originated from computer based e-learning programs that were structured to replicate the traditional learning styles. The classes later developed into a more collaborative learning supported by computer, which enabled sharing of knowledge in a given community. Though these developments mainly took place in the corporate sectors, the mainstream education system adopted the technology in the 1980s when several western universities created an online platform to enhance interaction between students (Bear, 2001, p 36). The internet revolution of 1990s enhanced greater mobility, accessibility of internet-based applications, and by 1993, the first online lecture was delivered through the computer (Dean, 2005, p 37). It is from this successful delivery that educationists created virtual classrooms, which developed to online colleges in the following years. In United States, online education received support from the Congress and since then, its g rowth in the world is phenomenal (Bear, 2001, pp 52-54). Millions of students have enrolled and graduated in various online courses and the rapid growth of information technology has increased the number of institutions offering different online courses around the world. In spite of the popularity of online college, traditional colleges are still the choice of majority students in the world. Advantages of online college Studying online offers many benefits to students and with just average computer skills, earning a degree certificate at the comfort of home is now a reality. Studying online offers flexible schedules and for people engaged in full time commitments such as family and work, online learning is more convenient compared to traditional college. In addition to the flexibility of online college, students complete their studies at shorter time compared with traditional colleges. Online classes are also geographically flexible because students are not required to travel to the campus or the college to study. Accessibility to internet is all that is required and it does not matter whether you are in rural or urban areas. Students from less developed countries do not have to travel to foreign countries to study, spending a lot of money in the travel and living expenses (Dean, 2005, pp30-33). Online classes offer learning that is more flexible because a student is not required to take notes like in traditional college. All learning materials are online and it is easier to access books and other academic materials online. This saves a lot of time traveling to physical libraries, which sometimes do not have the necessary learning materials. The technological applications of online college such as multimedia applications enhance better interactions and discussions between lecturers and students (Dean, 2005, p73). Online college does not require any specific dress code since students learn at their own convenience. In addition, they offer wide range of courses and students who lack admission in the traditional colleges do not only have a wide range of courses to chose from, but also have a better opportunity of studying disciplines of their interest. Moreover, online classes offer better learning environment for students from diverse cultural backgrounds because such classes do not subject them to culture shock and challenges that multicultural

How might ttemperature differ between urban & rural areas Essay

How might ttemperature differ between urban & rural areas - Essay Example faces such as pavement store heat from the Sun during the day, which is then released at night, keeping cities hotter for longer periods of time† (Gillette & Hamilton, 2011, p. 74). Which setting tends to be warmer on a given day and why? On a given day, therefore, it could be warmer in rural areas because heat is immediately reflected back in the form of energy; as compared to urban areas which absorb heat during daytime, but releases the heat at night. Also, are there any factors other than albedo that might affect the temperature differences between the two settings? Aside from albedo, other factors that affect the temperature differences between urban and rural settings are: â€Å"weather conditions, urban thermophysical and geometrical characteristics, and anthropogenic moisture and heat sources present in the area† (Taha, 1997, p. 99). The findings from the author revealed that the capacities of urban areas to address albedo through effectively harnessing albedo of roofing in homes and buildings, as well as in paving materials, in conjunction with efforts to plant trees enable urban areas to reverse the immense heat and could therefore have greater potentials to affect and reverse temperatures in their

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Discussion Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Discussion - Movie Review Example the artist work in this painting as a journey to the other side of an illusion, which is a revelation of how Raphael created the alluring images that were appealing to his wealthy renaissance clients like the pope and his moneylender who were the richest men in Europe. According to Mathew, Raphael in his paintings employs vibrant color harmony which grasps with high intuitively long before the advent of the color theories. Raphael exploits the use of color effects to bring out the impression of extraordinary depth in his artistic work. The last judgment is an art in a post renaissance era. The painting is to communicate what is coming on the judgment day. The image of Jesus Christ is at the center of the picture with the Angels and the followers of Christ around him, this is a symbol of Jesus at the central position being in charge of the world. Below the image of Christ is the portrait of Angels blowing trumpet signaling the dead to rise. The Angels who are blowing trumpets are holding two books, a little book, and another large one. The little book is a book with the list of the saved while the other large one is the book for the dead. Painting of the Angels has souls of the dead on both their right and left sides. During the final judgment, there will be the place for the dead and a place for the saved. The picture shows souls on the right side of Christ rising from the dead and ascending into heaven while on his left are the souls of the dead falling back into the dead. On the same picture below is an image of hell at a glance, Satan is at its gate waiting to receive the souls falling into the dead. Jesus at the center of this painting with his fingers gesturing a show of direction is symbolic, on the last judgment Jesus will give directions on those who are to rise to heaven and those to fall. Venus of Urbana is an oil painting by Italian master Titian in the year 1538. The painting is a portrait of a naked young woman who identifies with the goddess Venus.

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Ethical considerations in the current business environement and the Essay

Ethical considerations in the current business environement and the impact it can have on human resource management - Essay Example The Impact of Ethical Considerations on Human Resource Management This section includes a discussion on the impact of new ethical considerations on human resource practices which include hiring employees, retaining employees, and responsibilities of current employees in regards with the use of new technology. Conclusion This section sums up the overall discussion and presents a short review of the importance of ethics in the success of a business. Introduction The importance of business ethics can never be denied because they are imperative for the success of individuals and businesses. According to Patil (2012), business ethics is a behavior that shapes individual behaviors, as well as consumers’ perception about a company. As Frederick (2002) states, â€Å"business ethics, like most areas of ethics, often tends to focus on principles of actions, on the action itself and its consequences† (p. 30). If employees of a company do not behave ethically regarding any particul ar business matter, various destructive effects occur as a result. Companies set practical business ethics codes that help them in making their business activities legal, as well as in maintaining their public image (Frenz, n.d.). Some examples of ethical considerations or ethical codes that companies promote at the workplace include truthfulness, respect towards others, equality, demonstration of corporate social responsibility, adherence to laws and social values. In this paper, we will discuss the impact of some ethical considerations on the human resource management activities of a company. For this purpose, an organization will be selected and its ethical considerations in the current business environment will be reviewed to know the effects of implemented ethical considerations on HR practices. Selected Organization The organization selected for review is University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) located in Ohio. UHCMC is a private hospital which specializes in cancer a nd orthopedic treatments. The aim of the hospital’s management is to bring continuous improvement in patient care and other activities related to patients’ treatment processes. Let us discuss two major ethical considerations that the management of the hospital has implemented recently related to the use of hospital management information system. Ethical Considerations in the Current Business Environment The ethical considerations that the management of the hospital has added recently to the code of ethics include ensuring confidentiality of medical records and improving patient care using new technology. The hospital has started using Management Information System (MIS) to computerize all information. The MIS will help healthcare professionals in recording patients’ updates in the hospital’s database and retrieving it when required. The system will also generate accurate and relevant reports based on the information stored in the database. The information to be stored includes all details about a patient’s medical history, present medical condition, and ongoing treatment. As every employee of the hospital will be using the system for different information related purposes, so there exists a need to ensure improved confidentiality of patients’ private information stored in the system. Moreover, the management of the hospital has also made it necessary for the employees to make a fair use

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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Discussion - Assignment Example My choice of the percentage difference is a function of age and health because the two determine my choice of medical insurance plan. If I were elderly and/or sickly, I would chose a traditional unrestricted indemnity plan because it provides a patient with choice and security (Santerre and Neun 110). 2. Suppose the supply curve of medical services is perfectly inelastic. Analyze the impact of an increase in consumer income on the market price and quantity of medical services. Next, assume the demand for medical services is perfectly inelastic while the supply curve is upward sloping. An increase in consumer income will cause an increase in demand and market price but the quantity supplied will remain unchanged because medical practitioners have no choice in supplying medical services (Santerre and Neun 115). Prices of medical services will increase in response to increased costs of production. This will eventually in an increase in the supply of medical services. Producers always increase supplies when there is a price increment. However, there will be no change in the quantity demanded because consumers have no choice in the consumption of medical services as indicated by a perfectly inelastic demand curve (Santerre and Neun 115). In a perfectly competitive situation, lack of information may result in high prices and low quality of a medical good. This is because price and quality of products is unknown to consumers and producers. Producers may take advantage of consumers by producing low quality products and charging high prices so as to improve their profit margins. 3. 1. Explain the difference between the explicit and implicit costs of production. Cite an example of each. Suppose you are to specify a short-run total variable cost function for a nursing home. Explain the variables you would include in the function. What is the expected relation between a change in each of these variables and short-run total variable costs? Explicit costs are

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Presentation and function of horror Essay Example for Free

Presentation and function of horror Essay I busied myself to think of a story a story to rival those which had excited us to this task. One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror one to make the reader dread to look round, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart. If I did not accomplish these things, my ghost story would be unworthy of its name. In the Authors introduction to the standard novels edition (1831), Mary Shelley conveys her aim of the novel, Frankenstein. Mary Shelley proclaims her novel my ghost story p.8. The proposal of a ghost story relates to supernatural literature, which creates horror with paranormal and occult themes, but Frankenstein in fact has no ghosts. There are no bumps in the night and only the minimum amount of blood with emphasis on telling rather than showing in a story of scientific developments beyond our control. To evoke horror Shelleys novel complies with literature of the gothic genre with its tale of macabre in wild picturesque landscapes but without the ghouls and spirits. Shelley has the ability to horrify us without such paranormal torments but through psychological torments. It is Mary Shelleys method and success of creating horror in the novel that this essay aims to discuss. Shelleys era saw rise to momentous discoveries and advances in science that many feared may lead to disaster. The scientific work of Sir Isaac Newton (1642 1727) coupled with the ideals of philosopher John Locke (1632 1704) saw increased ambition and power in the 17th Century. Parallels can be easily drawn between such ambitious scientists and philosophers, and Mary Shelleys fictional character of Victor Frankenstein. Clearly a large influence to the myth of creation the novel endures is aided by the development of electricity. Shelley uses these advances in technology to make her novel appear more realistic and therefore horrifying. She has replaced the heavenly fire of the Prometheus myth with the spark of newly discovered electricity. Although neglected in the novel, Kenneth Branaghs 1994, film Mary Shelleys Frankenstein draws parallels with Luigi Galvani (1737 -1798), by featuring his work of discovering a frogs legs could twitch in an electric field. The use of electricity plus the amniotic fluid, which Victor uses in his creation, mixes the idea of science with the mythical origins surrounding the birth of human life. As Mr Waldman presents and influences the work of Victor Frankenstein, the likes of Newton and Galvini coupled with discussions between Mary Shelley, husband Percy and Lord Byron at Lake Geneva in 1816 have indeed influenced Shelleys role in creating the horror surrounding Frankenstein. When considering horror, we must consider what actually evokes the horror. Shelleys use of language when Victor is developing his workshop of filthy creation p.52 is disturbing, although not much graphic content is written, it is more what is not said and left out that is horrific. The theme of control is central to this idea of horror. When considering the horrendous incidents of September the 11th 2001 in American, and the horrific images of planes hitting tower blocks, are response is stomach churning but the real horror is the lack of control, nobody knows when and how the attacks are going to happen and this is similar in Frankenstein. Victor is scared of the monster as he has no control over him and this permeates through to the reader. There is surely an eye opening benefit of being horrified in some aspects. We can test our courage and survival and prepare for the future and in this case we are providing with the dangerous premonitions of playing god. Due to Mary Shelleys experiences of death and pregnancy the novel seems to suggest her own mental torments about creation, and the horror of birth and development. Shelley lost most of her children, only one survived. Shelley may be using her novel as a way of voicing her disgust and unhappiness at how childbirth can appear. I kept my workshop of filthy creation p.52, may be referring to the womb, the disgust and pain a mother can feel at such unhappiness. The creation seems to depict mothers worst fears, being capable to accept and have endless love for a child and not reject in the horrific manner that Victor does. The description of the monster is very much similar to that of a newborn baby. Once again the 1994 film adaptation of the novel depicts the monsters first steps similarly to that of a newborn Deer, struggling to find his feet, clutching on to his creator for dear life. As the novel reaches horrific climax in Chapter Five, Victor is awoke from a dream to find one hand was stretched out p.56, as his creation asks for help, like a child would to a mother. The way in which this interaction takes place is horrific in that a monster-like creature standing beside his bed awakens Victor, but the manner in which Victor rejects his monster is equally horrific. The creation has no motive for death yet and he is surely asking for help and is abandoned less than a few hours after birth. The novel could be read as a version of what occurs when a man plays god and upsets nature. Trying to create a child without woman is not natural and the horrific incidents which follow act as a warning not to mes s with the origins of human life.

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The economist expectation on inflation in Malaysia

The economist expectation on inflation in Malaysia Inflation in Malaysia is expected to remain low for the rest of this year due to weak exports and softer domestic demand. Malaysia is now experienced a deflationary pressure. Deflation is defined as a persistent fall in the average level of prices in the economy. In this case Malaysia is categorised as having a bad deflation. Bad deflation finds it source in the demand side of the economy. As the export trade and softer domestic demand is low due to lower oil and commodity prices, this will cause aggregate demand (AD) to decrease. A fall in AD will result in a decrease in the price level and a decrease in real output. Please refer to the diagram below. Diagram 1: Decrease in AD due to weak exports and softer domestic demand in Malaysia. Diagram 1 above illustrates the bad deflation situation. From the diagram above, we can see that AD shift to the left to AD1. A fall in the aggregate demand (AD) will result in a decrease in the price level from P1 to P2, and a decrease in real output from Y1 to Y2 . When there is less demand, businesses makes less profit or even loss. The producers need to cut down their cost of production by cutting down supply and lay off worker. Therefore, the level of unemployment will rise. This will affect economy badly. If more people are unemployed, their real income is low, thus their purchasing power will decrease, there will be even less consumption. This is proven from the article where it state that consumer price index  [1]  (CPI) in Malaysia dropped from more than 8% inflation in 2008 to two consecutive months to 2.4% in July 2009. This will lower the GDP (growth domestic product) level. Furthermore, the amount of investment from investor rely highly on their expectation of the economy climate for the future, if the consumer demand showing no improvement in the future, business confidence is likely to be low. Investor will refuse to invest in our country. This has negative implication for future economic growth. Deflation brought many impact on the producers, consumers and also the economy itself. In the situation of bad deflation, producer will faced with the risk generating low profit. This is because when the demand is low, it causes the price of product also low, they would not gain much profit and to ensure them not too loss too much, they will cut down the supply to increase the price back. They also tend to decrease the number of workers to save their cost of production. The consequences, of the producers actions are faced by consumers. When they are fired, their real income will remain low, hence, could not buy good as much as they want. Its indicates their purchasing power is low. And this illustrates the standard of living also at low level. Diagram 2: A decrease in AD and real output. These situations affect the economy badly. As we can see, in the Diagram 2, when the demand decreases from AD to AD1, price will also decrease (from P1 to P2) resulted in decreasing amount of real output from Y1 to Y2. To survive, producers tend to lay out workers to cut down cost of production. The unemployment level will increase. In the economy it is not good to have high level of unemployment as it will lower down the societys standard of living. Economic growth will decrease and economic development will be halted. From the explanation above, Malaysia should take immediate action to overcome bad deflation problems. Government could take actions such as by increasing the demand from consumer and increasing the aggregate supply. To increase AD, producers could promote their product by advertising or by giving a discount. The producer also could increase their workers income, as it can make them more motivated to works and produce high quality of product that meet the consumers taste. In a way, this could increase the aggregate supply (AS) as well. Government also could change to expansionary fiscal policy where it could encourage greater consumption by lowering income taxes to increase disposal income. Another way is by lowering the corporate tax so that firm could enjoy higher after-tax profit. The chances of them to lay off worker will be decrease. Therefore, the rate of unemployment will decrease. This is the best solution after all. (750 WORDS) ABSTRACT This article is about the economist expectation on inflation in Malaysia. They expected that inflation in Malaysia to remain low. There are several factors that contribute to this condition. First, it is due to weak exports and softer domestic demand because of lower oil and commodity prices. This condition is called deflation. There are two category of deflation; good deflation and bad deflation. As one of the Asia country, Malaysia experienced bad deflation. A fall in aggregate demand will result in a decrease in price level and a decrease in real output. If real output decreases, then it is assumed that the level of unemployment will rise, as firms will need fewer workers if there is less demand. Asian country has come out with several ways to overcome this problem. However due to some weaknesses. Only one method, which is investment liberalisation, would be the effective method in order to revitalized Malaysias economy and helps increasing the inflation rate.